Term XIV

**Diagon Alley Courtesy and Information Desk**

Welcome to Diagon Alley! I'm Rachel (moony_blues) and I'll be your Diagon Mod for the Term XIV!

This is the Diagon Alley Courtesy and Information Desk!

Lost your way? This is the place for you!
Have something to say? Say it here!
Want to know what's going on with your knuts and purchases? Check the bulletins posted right here!!

In other words, please feel free to ask any questions, make comments, or submit complaints right here. Comments are screened.


DIAGON ALLEY IS NOW ON THE SYSTEM! As of the beginning of July 2009, this community will no longer be used to track transactions in the Alley. Comments on the shop posts and vault reservations will be disabled. We will continue to take comments and questions in this post.

To begin using the site, you need to register your LiveJournal username with a password.

To access the System's Diagon Alley, please click this link. This is the storefront. You can click to the different shops and then make purchases with just a few clicks of your mouse, with no more waiting for a moderator to approve purchases and change your items owned.

To view your items owned, please click this link. This page defaults to your personal items owned, but you must be logged into the System to use it.

Please be aware that, once you spend knuts, they're gone. There are no refunds; all purchases are final. If you change houses, contact the Diagon moderator to exchange house-specific items (robes, scarves, patches) with ones for your new house. If you accidentally purchase something that you don't need, or more than one of something, the knuts are gone and the extra item will be removed from your box.

More features will be added to the System as opportunity allows. Please be watching hogwartsishome to get the updates that Sas posts. We've been getting a lot of comments from people who don't seem to be seeing the updates. It is imperative that you're watching the main community on your friends page.

CLUB LEADERS: If you wish to offer an item for extra points, comment here and I will offer additional stock at the beginning of the next month. Make sure you get this approved by Sas first!

Thank you! ♥
Rachel, hh_diagon mod