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Diagon Alley

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This is the Diagon Alley community for hogwartsishome. It is currently run by trivalent. In order to join, you must be sorted at platform_934.

Money Deposits

All knuts are directly deposited (so long as you own a vault in Gringotts) at the end of the month. A post will be made within the main community that will let you know how much you earned, as well as whether or not you own a vault. When that post is made, knuts will be deposited into the vaults as soon as possible. Please be patient.

If you would like to claim your vault, please do so at the System. Remember, only a1l vault number between 000 and 999 may be used, as long as it has not already been claimed!

How the Shops Operate

Shops are now on the System here. You can buy each item instantly, as long as you have enough knuts. The money is taken out of your account automatically.

Still have questions? Send me a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

What Are Items For?

There are several items you can purchase at Diagon that are just fun to have--the things you believe you would need or want as a student a Hogwarts. There are also items that are required for certain activities around the community as well as items that earn you bonus points while participating in activities.

As new stock is added and mods and club leaders change, sometimes the items listed below also change. While the mod is committed to keeping this list as up-to-date as possible, one should always verify with the club roster or community information before making a purchase. Refunds are not given in Diagon Alley. This list is offered as a courtesy only and not a guarantee.

Communities & Activities

hih_animagus & hih_wilderness: To apply to become a Registered Animagus, you must own Standard Book of Spells, Volumes 1-5 (Stock #001-005 from Flourish & Blotts).

hh_stmungos: In order to become a Registered Healer you must purchase a copy of Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions (Stock #021 from Flourish & Blotts).

hh_quidditch: Bonus points are offered for every match in which you play or for every locker room contest you enter based on items you own. House Quidditch Robes (available from Madam Malkins) are worth 5 points, a set of Quidditch Balls (a Quaffle, Bludger & Snitch available from Quality Quidditch Supplies) gets you 5 points, and a broom (from Quality Quidditch Supplies) is worth up to 5 points depending on its cost (more expensive = more points).

hh_writersblock: Owning a Quill and Parchment (Stock #100 & 101 from Flourish & Blotts) will get you and extra 5 points per item per fic.


The clubs listed below offer bonus points for owning items available in Diagon Alley. Please check the individual club roster over at hh_clubs for information on how many points are offered for each item.

Art Club
-Paint Set (Stock #102 at Flourish & Blotts)
-Stretched Canvas (Stock #103 at Flourish & Blotts)

Astronomy Club
-Collapsible Telescope/Antique Telescope (Stock #008 or 009 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)
-Star Chart (Stock #014 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)

Care of Magical Creatures Club
-Cat, Owl or Toad (Purchase from Magical Menagerie or Eeylops Owl Emporium)
-Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Stock #042 from Flourish & Blotts)

Charms Club
-Achievements in Charming (Stock #053 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Wand (Purchase from Ollivander's)

Defence Against the Dark Arts Club
-The Dark Arts Outsmarted, Defensive Magical Theory, The Dark Forces: A Guide To Self Protection, The Rise And Fall Of The Dark Arts, and Practical Defensive Magic And Its Use Against The Dark Arts (Stock #019, 024, 031, 032, and 047 from Flourish & Blotts)

Divination Club
-Crystal Ball (Stock #013 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)
-Unfogging the Future, Death Omens: What to Do When You Know the Worst is Coming, and Dream Oracle (Stock #026, 039, and 055 from Flourish & Blotts)

Dueling Club
-Wand (Purchase from Ollivander's)
-Magical Me (Stock #012 from Flourish & Blotts)
-A Compendium Of Common Curses And Their Counter Actions (Stock #020 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Curses And Counter-Curses (Stock #023 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Jinxes For The Jinxed (Stock #029 from Flourish & Blotts)

Herbology Club
-One Thousand Magical Herbs And Fungi (Stock #043 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Dragonhide Gloves (Stock #021 from Madam Malkins)

History of Magic Club
-A History of Magic, Modern Magical History, Hogwarts: A History and Quill (Stock #037, 045, 058, and 100 from Flourish & Blotts)

Muggle Cultural Society
Home Life And Social Habits Of British Muggles (Stock #030 from Flourish & Blotts)

Music Club
-Black Choir Robes (Stock #022 from Madam Malkins)

Owl Post Secret
-Veritaserum (Stock #015 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)

Potions Club
-Magical Drafts And Potions (Stock #040 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Bronze, Black, or Silver Cauldron (Stock #001, #002, or #003 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)
-Brass, Mini Brass, or Heavy Brass Scales (Stock #004, #005, or #006 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop)
-Vials 1, 2, or 3 (Stock #010, #011, or #012 from Apothecary & Cauldron Shop

Restricted Section
-Parchment & Quill (Stock #100 & 101 from Flourish & Blotts)

Shutterbug Society
-Photo Album and Camera (Stock #104 & 105 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Photo Developing Potion (Stock #016 from from the Apothecary and Cauldron Shop)

Sorters Anonymous
-House Patch & House Scarf (Purchase from Madam Malkins)

-SPEW Leaflet (Stock #060 from Flourish & Blotts)
-Knitting Wool and SPEW Badge (Stock #027 and 038 from Madam Malkin's)

Transfiguration Club
-A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration, Intermediate Transfiguration, The Invisible Book, A Guide to Advanced Transfiguration, & Theories of Transsubstantial Transfiguration (Stock #022, 027, 028, 041, and 059 from Flourish & Blotts)

Wizarding Wear Club
-Dress Robes & Velvet Cloak (Purchase from Madam Malkins)

Moderators of HiH

thaeablackthorn and lotrangel17